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About us

Shenzhen hnlife lighting technology co., LTD was established in 2013. We focused on Cabinet lighting and home lighting with a professional R & D team. As a manufacturer located in Shenzhen China, we also built our sales team more than 7 years. The production area is  around 1,500 square meters, more than 50 workers and 10 engineers, annual sales over 5 millions US dollar in 2019 and with 30% increase each year.

The company has R & D center, production workshop and equipment processing workshop.

Home lighting series include remote night light, sensor mirror light, intelligent bedside light; Cabinet light series with cabinet light, wardrobe light, wine cabinet light, display cabinet light.
Product quality is strictly in accordance with CE, UL, VDE, ROHS, CCC standards for production and long-term cooperation with EU cabinet companies.

Designing the products with innovation and safety.

Take production assured, innovative products as the principle;

To train talents as center ideas;

Purpose to lead the development of the cabinet lighting industry.

Set up in 2013 in Shenzhen, China.

In 2014, we mainly focused on ultra-thin cabinet lights, supporting a variety of intelligent controllers, such as Bluetooth and infrared.
In 2015, the main products are controlled remote night light series, including remote dimming and intelligent timing. All the products have CCC certification.
In 2016, the main products are sensor lamps. The main products are sensor wall lamps, sensor night lamps, and sensor wardrobe lamps. All the products apply for patents.
In 2017, we design high-quality titanium alloys as main ideas, such as smartseries and rotation series, which apply for patents in China, EU and USA.

In 2018, the main product is rotary sensor lamp, the sensor head rotates 0-90 degrees, and the application are more abundant;

In 2019 Intelligent wireless sensor switch, with hand sweep sensor, door stop sensor, touch sensor, human body sensor and WIFI control;

In 2020 Digital display cabinet light, digital display, timing function, hand sweep to turn on and turn off the light, and the rechargeable battery can be removed separately.



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